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Thank you for visiting IHateOboeReeds.com.  What was originally intended to be a fun name for an oboe reed making business, will soon also be the source for video tutorials on reed making.   You can buy your handmade oboe reeds here, but also use this site as a resource for reed making information.

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Reeds also come with USPS priority shipping which can take between 2-4 days.

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Handmade Student Oboe Reed

$19 per reed plus shipping

I received training at the Cleveland Institute of Music, New England Conservatory, and Yale School of Music.  I believe the Professional Reeds will suit any professional player or aspiring professional for their consistency in pitch and tone quality.  The Student Reeds are great for any student with at least a few months of playing experience.  If you have any questions, please ask me in the message box on the Order Form page.  For more information on how to make oboe reeds, check out my new website www.howtomakeoboereeds.com

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Handmade Professional Oboe Reed

$26 per reed plus shipping

Current wait time for Pro and Student Reeds is about 4 weeks before delivery. Send a message on the Order Form Page if you are interested in a Pay Later Option. 

-Send back used staples and receive $2.50 off per reed on your next order!
-At the end of the order, $7.15 will be added for shipping.  For purchases made in Connecticut 6.35% sales tax will also be added.
-If you are double charged for the shipping, send a message to be refunded the difference.

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