I Hate Oboe Reeds

Order now and never hate your oboe reeds again.

"I love your reeds!"

-Blair Tindall, author of Mozart in the Jungle

"I hate oboe reeds" were great right out of the box. For the past 2 months I have performed in Wind, Chamber, and Orchestral concerts with a confidence in my reeds that I had never experienced before. The season ended last week with a performance of Brahms Symphony #2, and piece by John Estacio ("Light Eternal") which had a rather long and demanding oboe solo which required stable pitching, ease of initiation, and flexibility in color across a wide range. I do believe it was due to your reeds that I had the best concert I have ever had."

- Jonathan, Alberta

"The pitch is very stable throughout all the registers and the response is great. I am enjoying practicing so much with Tim's reeds because they produce a beautiful, dark tone like I'm used to. I have found my source for reeds!"

-Leigh, South Carolina

"You are the first person/reed maker that I have encountered who understands the sublime/subtle process of reed making as it relates to tone and sound production and has the skill to accomplish what you state.  Thank you for rescuing my playing."

Eric, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for spending all that time on my reeds.  They are fantastic and I'm very pleased with your product ... I'm a reed perfectionist, so it is VERY difficult to please me.  You have done so!"

-Daniel, Virginia

"Just writing to let you know I adore your reeds."

-Timothy, Illinois