- Send a message with any details on how you prefer your reeds. 

- Set up a Skype reed making lesson with free 15 minute trial session. 

- Inquire about rebate offers by reusing staples.

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Check out www.howtomakeoboereeds.com for more information on how to make oboe reeds! 

Current wait time for Pro and Student Reeds is about 5 weeks before delivery.  Send a message using the online form to the right if you are interested in a Pay Later option.

Handmade Professional Oboe Reed

$26 per reed plus shipping

Interested in a lesson? 

Send a message using the form to the right to discuss options and lesson topics.  Customers receive a free 15 minute trial lesson on Skype, Gchat, or over the phone!

Oboe or Reed Making Lessons

- Reeds are guaranteed against leaks and cracks.  If you purchase a reed with either issue, please send a message for a refund or replacement.

Handmade Student Oboe Reed 

$19 per reed plus shipping

Order now and never hate your oboe reeds again.

I Hate Oboe Reeds

Handmade English Horn Reed
$30 per reed plus shipping
If you order english horn reeds and oboe reeds in the same order, you might be double charged for shipping, but please just send a message to be refunded the difference.  Sorry for the glitch!

-At the end of the order $7.15 for shipping will be added.  If you are charged more for shipping, the difference will be refunded.
-Reeds are made to order so please allow about 4 weeks before delivery.

Introducing a Pay Later option!  Send a message using the Send Message form to place an order and pay when the reeds are mailed out!