Handmade Oboe D'Amore Reed — $32 per reed plus shipping

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Handmade Professional Oboe Reed — $30 per reed plus shipping

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Handmade Student Oboe Reed  $23 per reed plus shipping

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Handmade Bass Oboe Reed — $32 per reed plus shipping

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Oboe Reed Blanks  $13 per blank plus shipping

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Oboe Lessons

I have a broad range of teaching experiences which includes teaching private oboe, piano, and saxophone lessons. I have given guest classes about reed making at the Yale graduate School of Music; musical instrument manufacturing and history for Yale's Center for Engineering and Innovative Design department; and assisted with guest classes for various Yale music history, forestry, and material culture classes, all about musical instruments and history in relation to other disciplines. Additionally, I have taught at New England Conservatory's MusicLaunch, an "innovative community-minded music education lab," where I taught weekly music classes to students in the greater Boston area. 

​​Oboe Reed Blanks come tied, but not scraped or clipped open. Cane is 10-10.5mm in diameter and staples are thick-walled stevens staples. Ask for Mack+ or Gilbert 1 shaper tip. About 1 week before shipping.

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Do you hate your reeds? Trying buying your oboe reeds here. Check out Reed Information for playing samples to hear what my reeds sound like. Also, let me know if you are interested in lessons. 

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​​-You might be double charged for shipping, but please just send a message to be refunded the difference. Sorry for the glitch!

Handmade English Horn Reeds  $32 per reed plus shipping

I received training at the Cleveland Institute of Music, New England Conservatory, and Yale School of Music. I believe the Professional Reeds will suit any professional player or aspiring professional for their consistency in pitch and tone quality. The Student Reeds are great for any student with at least a few months of playing experience. If you have any questions, please ask me in the message box on the Order Form page. For more information on how to make oboe reeds, check out my new website www.howtomakeoboereeds.com

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  • Check out my new website on how to make oboe reeds! 
  • Cane Selection
  • Gouge Specifications
  • Shaper Tip
  • Staple Selection
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Check back soon for more information about these topics!