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Here is how they sound:

Sonatine for Oboe and Bassoon 

Andre Jolivet

Oboe: Tim Feil, Bassoon: Yen-Chen Wu 

Sprague Hall at Yale University 

New Haven, CT

Recorded Live at Master's of Musical Arts Recital 3/1/16 

Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano

Andre Previn

Oboe: Tim Feil, Bassoon: Yen-Chen Wu, Piano: Xing Zhang

Sprague Hall at Yale University

New Haven, CT

Recorded Live at Oneppo Chamber Series


Trois Pieces Breves

Jacques Ibert

Philharmonic Five Woodwind Quintet

Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory

Boston, MA

Recorded Live at Philharmonic Five Quintet Recital


Oboe Reed

This is the reed I played on for the Poulenc Sonata which you can listen to below.


10-10.5 mm diameter cane

Gouged 0.59 in middle, 0.46 on sides

Tied at 72-72.5 mm (73-73.5 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)

Finished length 69-70 mm (~71 mm for Gilbert 1 Shape)

Products Used:

#2, Thick-Walled, Brass Stevens Staples

Hand Selected Rigotti, Pisoni, Glotin, Alliaud Cane

Innoledy Gouger

Mack+ Shaper Tip or Gilbert 1 Shaper Tip

Vitry Style Double Hollow Ground Knife

Tested on Loree AK Royale Oboe

Sonata for Oboe and Piano 

Francis Poulenc

Oboe: Tim Feil, Piano: Lucia Del Guerzo

Brown Hall at New England Conservatory.  Boston, MA

Recorded Live at Master's of Music Recital 4/13/14

I Hate Oboe Reeds

Q. What's the difference between Pro Level and Student Level Reeds?

A. Simply put, Pro Level will tend to be better in their response, consistency, and tone.


By response, I am referring to how easily the reed initiates the sound at the beginning of a phrase and also how easily the reed tapers off a sound at the end of a phrase - how efficiently the reed uses air is one of the most important factors to response.  Consistency, in my experience, refers to the size and strength of the opening, meaning taking the same reed into different climates and environments (hot and cold, dry and humid, low and high altitude) will have little to no effect on the pitch, response, or tone to the reed.  Tone can be a little subjective, but I believe a tone should be resonate in all registers with a clear tone quality, similar to a good Soprano's singing voice.